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MQTT Public Brokers

When you play with MQTT and test your applications it is always helpful to have a MQTT broker in your sight. A public MQTT broker enables easy setups without setting up your own MQTT broker. We compiled a list of available brokers that can easily be used:

Server Broker Port Websocket Mosquitto 1883 / 8883 n/a HiveMQ 1883 8000 Mosquitto 1883 / 8883 / 8884 8080 / 8081 mosca 1883 80 HiveMQ 1883

Testing against public brokers also ensures that your application can handle various types of topics and payloads. Since most of those public brokers are very used by many people and you will find lot of messages being published. Also, this will help you to verify that your code is compatible to different broker implementations